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Product Description


4 channel / H.264 Standalone video surveillance system WIRELESS

Turning state of the art technology into a safe and peaceful state of mind

Nexxt Solutions Xpy4004-KX is the new generation of affordable analog CCTV surveillance video kits made easy. Coupled with vivid high quality images from standard 700 TVL cameras using the latest technology in image sensors, assures clarity and proper color balance for easy recognition of bystanders and surveying areas of interest. It is the ideal security solution for your home or business without the hassle of complicated setup and tedious installations. The four channel digital video recorder is compact and fits into space restricted areas and can be discretely hidden. The DVR comes with HDMI support and is fully network integrated for remote viewing, alerts, and compatible with mobile devices.

Advanced features such as triggered motion detection, time schedules, and real time WD1 resolution streaming are perfect for commercial footage requirements. An all metal sealed housing makes this a versatile IP66 Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof camera to be used in both commercial and residential installations. The cable pass through feature along with the bracket design make this a tamper free security solution.

Part Number / Código del Producto: AKD-0454UB

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