One of our biggest concerns is the safety of our house. And home video security products reduce our anxiety by a great degree. There are several benefits attached to these video security products. These systems reduce the chances of burglaries and other crimes and also decrease the overall expense related to security. You can also get insurance claims easily in case of a burglary with the help of these products.

But, it often becomes a challenge to purchase the CCTV systems, especially when you are buying it for the first time.

Here we discuss what to check while purchasing home video security products in Florida.

Camera speed

The speed of video recording is calculated in frames per second. This means how many pictures are processed by a camera in one second. Though 30 fps is ideal for banks and casinos, you can use it for your home security needs, too, if it is available at reasonable rates.

Infrared camera

The role of CCTV systems becomes more important during the night in Florida. You can be sure that your camera works perfectly even during darkness if you are buying one with infrared (IR) technology. Check the IR range of the system before buying.

 Audio system

You can enhance the security by integrating audio into a video surveillance system. Check whether the camera comes with such feature.

Camera resolution

The better the resolution, the simpler it will be to get the details from a camera in case of burglary. Therefore, choose a camera with high resolution.


All reputable brands in Florida offer a warranty with their home security systems. If the warranty details are not mentioned on the online store, call the store for the same.

These tips will help you find the best CCTV systems in Florida. You can choose from a range of CCTV systems by visiting Security Smart Shop. Get free shipping for all your online orders.

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