Myriad of companies from Florida rely on biometric access control systems. These systems help increase the productivity of employees and ensure higher ROI. Even various clients prefer working with the companies that have installed access control systems.

Another major advantage of this system is that it prevents buddy punching. Did you know that this malpractice every year costs millions of dollars to the employers from the US? This is what some research reports suggest.

Let’s first check what exactly buddy punching is. It is a practice in which an employee punches in on behalf of his/her colleague. This happens when an employee gets late to work due to some reason. This is usually done to make sure supervisor/manager does not notice the late arrival of the employee.

It is easy to punch in on behalf of another employee if the company is using timesheets, online login system, or access cards. This is where biometric access control systems appear as a solution.

Due to the involvement of human characteristics, the access becomes highly restricted. These human characteristics include fingerprints, hand geometry, and retina of an eye. As another employee is unable to substitute these characteristics, there is no chance of buddy punching.

As a result, there is an improvement in the productivity of the employees. This, ultimately, helps to maximize the ROI. Also, the companies can assess the overall performance of the employees. This helps in deciding what kind of appraisal each employee deserves.

Also, there is no need to carry cards or related access control items. More often than not, the employees forget these security readers. But, this type of incidents does not happen if biometric systems are applied.

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